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At Tribonix, our purpose is addressing global challenges with the goal of enhancing the quality of life for those in need. We concentrate on significant research into technologies and products that assist patients in recovering, regaining mobility, promoting independence, and rebuilding strength. Join us in our commitment to transform rehabilitation and improve lives for the better.

Muscle Activation Sensory Wearable

  • Our wearable band detects and processes muscle activation, enabling it to control prosthetics, exoskeletons, and more.
  • This device ensures integration with various assistive technologies.

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Powered Upper Body

Exoskeleton Suit

  • Our active exoskeleton features five degrees of freedom, making it ideal for rehabilitation, preventing muscle atrophy, and assisting with muscular dystrophy.
  • It fully supports the mobility of the arms, enhancing movement flexibility.
  • Equipped with a unique donning and doffing system, it ensures easy usage and promotes user independence.
  • Highly portable, the exoskeleton can be conveniently transported in a single suitcase.

Accessible Prosthetic Sockets

  • Our uniquely designed, personalised prosthetic sockets.
  • Crafted with our partners' pain points in mind, prevent sweat buildup and reduce both the cost and time required for manufacturing and delivery.
  • Contact us about testing, you will receive your own socket for free!

Inquire About Our Research Exoskeleton

Active Exoskeleton One Arm Research Package

The product is a chest-supported exoskeleton frame that includes a five-degree-of-freedom arm. Features:

  • A powered system for easy opening, closing, and locking on both the forearm and upper arm, facilitating ease of use.
  • Includes an elbow motor, MyActuator RMD X6, coupled with a Tribonix control pendant for ease of development, testing and control.
  • Provides manual control along with inputs and outputs, and offers options for custom programming, making it suitable for development purposes.
  • Comes equipped with an electromyography sensory band to aid in the development of control systems.

Active Exoskeleton Full Research Package

The product is a full upper body exoskeleton suit with dual-arm functionality. Features:

  • Each arm provides five degrees of freedom and features powered systems for easy opening, closing, and locking on both the forearm and upper arm, facilitating ease of donning and doffing.
  • Includes two elbow MyActuator RMD X6 motors and two Tribonix control pendants for individual arm control.
  • Each pendant offers manual control, inputs and outputs, and the capability for custom programming, making the suit ideal for development projects.
  • Both arms are equipped with an electromyography sensory band to assist in the development of control systems.

About Tribonix

We are Tribonix, a robotics start-up dedicated to enhancing the rehabilitation process and improving quality of life for those in need. Our mission is to make daily activities easier and more comfortable for patients, reducing their physical challenges.

Tribonix was founded by a team of ambitious problem-solvers with backgrounds in robotics and mechatronics. Recognising a need for innovative approaches in rehabilitation and patient care, we developed advanced solutions that not only facilitate effective recovery but also promote overall well-being.

Proudly based at the Launch Space Incubator in Bristol, we have strong ties to the Bristol Robotics Lab. We leverage cutting-edge research and expert academics to develop the Tribonix Exoskeleton and engage with the assistive technology community in the West of England. For those interested in learning more about our technologies, we invite you to contact us and explore their potential.

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Tribonix Ltd

Room 2x102 Bristol Business School, Frenchay Campus, Coldharbour Lane

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